Our “super bleach” denim in 3 minutes flat

This season, American Vintage introduces its new “super bleach”. To find out more, we talked to Alice Ollivier, our Men’s and Women’s Denim Collection Manager.

Photos: Jonas Unger

What is “super bleach” exactly?
It’s a wash process. We start with raw indigo denim and we lighten the colour until it’s almost white. It’s a technique that we also use for our bleached denim.

Is it a complex procedure?
Yes, because the result is almost white. The goal is to bring out the indigo, but on the different depths of the clothing.

What sparked this creative process?
A pair of jeans purchased in a second-hand shop in Amsterdam. The jeans were almost white, with slight traces of indigo. We drew inspiration from them and adapted the idea to our 100% cotton fabric (JOY models). After several steps and months of research, this wash has now joined the collection!

Is vintage a key source of inspiration for you?
Totally. Every year, the American Vintage stylists visit the major European capitals in search of inspiration. We come back with suitcases full of vintage pieces. It’s kind of like a creative laboratory.

How did you develop this technique to make it as responsible as possible?
We work with a partner that has a certified eco-friendly approach. Their machines allow us to use the least amount of water possible and they are equipped with a water-recycling plant.

How many “super bleach” pieces are there in the collection?
A shirt, a jacket, a dress, a jumpsuit, 5-pocket jeans and accessories: we designed 13 men’s, women’s and unisex pieces.

Discover our “super bleach” denim

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