Content creator Miren Alós’s Sunday look

Born in Valence, Miren Alós has always loved the sea, travelling and photography. Today, she combines these three passions and shares them with her 287,000 followers on Instagram. Between two escapades, she talks to us about her favourite weekend outfits.


On the cover photo, Miren is wearing the IVYBO shirt and the IVYBO trousers. 


Hi, Miren! What’s your relationship with clothing? 

For me, fashion is a way to express myself. I like comfortable pieces that I feel good in. I’ve always opted for timeless high-quality pieces. Today, with my job as a content creator, my vision has slightly changed. My style is more specialised, more personal.


Miren is wearing the TOTY shirt (out of stock) and the TOTY shorts.


What are your favourite clothes right now? 

The same ones I’ve always loved: long summer dresses and linen pieces, which I prefer in neutral and natural shades. At American Vintage, I really love the striped sweatshirt, which I take with me everywhere I go.


What’s a typical Sunday like for you?

I travel a lot, so I don’t really have a routine. But a perfect Sunday is one at home: I relax, I walk my dog (Paco), I do a little yoga, I eat a good breakfast, I read, I cook. All this with my family if possible! When I’m in Formentera, I like to wake up facing the sea, go swimming and then watch the sun go down. A day in slow motion, which really recharges my batteries.


Miren is wearing the EMOW jumper.

Your favourite Sunday outfit? 

A linen outfit, which represents the Mediterranean style I love so much. I can wear the shirt and trousers together on days when it’s cool or twist the silhouette with khaki shorts when the weather is nicer.


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