Style: 5 denim ideas to boost your look


Summer is over but denim is here to stay. In indigo, totally threadbare or in a dark version, it’s a must for autumn. Worn head to toe or here and there, it gets more casual and adapts easily to the capricious weather of the season.

Idea #1: head to toe

While we’ve all seen blue denim from head to toe, matching your stonewashed black denim jacket and jeans is a little less common. But, add a bright knit jumper into the mix and the result is perfect for the season. Contrasting with the thick cotton, the fluffy fibres are a treat for the eyes.

Idea #2: coveralls

In a classic version or reinterpreted in black, the denim jumpsuit is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Although inspired by worker’s coveralls, they can be worn simply with a belt tied at the waist. In colder weather, opt for layers with a neutral-coloured polo neck underneath.

Idea #3: chic it up

Think denim is too casual? To move away from the classic oversized blue jean jacket, try black denim in a straight cut this autumn. Thrown over a white button-up shirt or knit polo neck, a dark jean jacket trades its relaxed style for a more chic effect.

Idea #4: an extra-large waistcoat

This autumn, the camper’s sleeveless jacket gets a makeover in denim. When the weather is too warm for a classic jacket but not warm enough to go without one, choose a sleeveless model to wear over a cosy jumper.

Idea #5: a nod to summer

Summer is over, but you don’t have to put your denim mini-skirt away just yet. Bare legs and crop tops might be out of the question, but with a pair of tights and a baggy sweatshirt, you can still wear a jean skirt before winter arrives.

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