Style: how to wear neon? Ask our studio!

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The gorgeous spring/summer 2021 season opens with a colour-rich wardrobe. Neon hues and tangy tones dazzle in the sun. Worn here and there, all over or mixed & matched… Here are 4 tips from Céline Jantet from our Style Studio to wear the wildest shades of spring.


Tip No. 1: Follow your instinct

Like our creation studio, we listen to our heart’s desires in a season when colour offers a daily dose of sunshine. As in colour therapy, the shades offer a touch of joy on the skin. “Our collections are inspired by our feelings and wishes. Alongside our organic tones, we wanted happiness and very 80s-esque fun to easily pair up with the American Vintage silhouette: azure blue, chrysalis green, violet and bright orange make up our palette of the season.”


Tip No. 2: Denim is your friend

For fans of a casual look, denim is the ultimate partner for tangy tones. In stonewashed blue, it has a retro vibe. In black, it contrasts with and accentuates other shades. “A shirt with black denim is the perfect way to reinterpret an everyday look with a strong colour.”


Tip No. 3: Mix it up…

Want to stand out? Simply mix up colours for a unique outfit: blue and green, violet and orange – you make the rules! This is also a perfect opportunity to combine comfy and feminine materials. “In our favourite silhouettes, mixing an oversized violet sweatshirt and an ultra-flowy orange skirt unites sporty homewear with a very lingerie-style piece, perfectly in line with the DNA of our silhouettes.”


Tip No. 4: From head to toe

The neon uniform is the perfect equation for a maximum effect with minimum effort. Like an easy-to-wear suit, mauve jeans team up with a jersey tee, while a jean jacket and trousers opt for power-packed mango yellow. “We reworked our denim classics with strong colours that reflect our mood. The result: timeless pieces twisted with retro shades.”

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