Style: Karim Naar’s Sunday look

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Dancer and performer Karim Naar moves his body whenever he can, preferably in breath-taking landscapes. Dressed to move, he talks to us about his simple and casual style that accompanies him in his choreography and his daily life, including his relaxed Sundays.

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On the cover photo, Karim wears the FERYWAY sweatshirt.

Hi, Karim! What’s your relationship with fashion? 

Movement is key for me and my relationship with fashion is based on that. I have to be comfortable and free. I like graphic styles and beautiful materials. I also pay attention to how clothing is produced, with a preference for vintage garments or items I find during my travels. My wardrobe is simple and timeless with some standout pieces to stir things up. When I dance, flowing clothing is a must. Comfort above all!

Karim is wearing the FAKOBAY T-shirt (in white) and the RENATOWN trousers (in heather grey).

Your favourite piece of clothing at the moment?

Spring means simple white T-shirts that go with everything. In cotton, organic if possible, and rather loose. A classic cut and a crew neck. I like to feel free and project what I want on it. It’s a chameleon piece and that suits me perfectly.


What are your Sundays like?

My Sundays are like my wife, who sleeps in while I prepare breakfast. It depends on my mood. Sometimes, I work, I dance, I look for inspiration, I throw myself into projects… And, at other times, it’s just a peaceful day that I spend watching series, eating chocolatines, drinking litres of green tea and chilling at home.

Karim is wearing the TAJMAN cardigan (in heather grey), the FAKOBAY T-shirt (in white) and the YOPDAY jeans.

Do you put your passion for dance on hold during the weekend?

Dance sets the tone of my life, but not my weekends. I also want to focus on other things: my family, culture, nature, all of which have an enormous impact on my work. I get ideas from documentaries and moments spent outside. The weekend is a time to be outside, away from home, contemplating… I’m always kind of thinking about projects, but I don’t necessarily dance while doing so.


Your favourite Sunday look? 

I try to find a compromise between elegant cuts and soft materials. I chose this American Vintage outfit because it’s simple and graphic and represents the perfect union between flowing materials and smart cuts. It’s simple with a touch of colour for brightness!


What do you like about the American Vintage men’s wardrobe?

I think you need to bring clothing to life: materials move, transform and embrace the body. This is what makes pieces beautiful – even the most basic pieces. When you choose beautiful materials, your clothing will stay elegant over time, while telling a story. American Vintage totally understood this: simple, understated clothing just waiting for us to tell our story.

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