Style: the airy looks of Mathieu Forget

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Former tennisman Mathieu Forget has since created his own discipline and now dubs himself a movement creator. At the crossroads of choreography, gymnastics and photography, he is photographed in the air, playing with gravity and frozen in striking poses, always shooting for the sky. For American Vintage, he invites us behind the scenes of his singular art.


Hello, Mathieu! What are your days like right now?

I’m lucky, because this was a good period for me. I was able to launch my artistic project on social networks and I’ve made a living out of my passion for almost a year now. Whenever I can, I go back and forth between the United States and France. Every single day, I immerse myself in my creative process: I think of photo and video concepts to put together. I also practice dance three to five times a week. I spend part of my time working on the more technical aspects of what I do, such as clothing and collaborators, up until the actual moment of creation. Finally, once the visuals are wrapped up, I move on to the video editing and photo retouching part. When it comes down to it, all of my time is split between the physical aspect and the creative dimension of my discipline.


What are your daily challenges? 

I’m highly competitive by nature. I try to push my body as far as it will go, to stay in shape and to be in top form so that I don’t get hurt. But I’m constantly energized by the possibility of reaching new heights, of being better. It’s a daily challenge. When you are your own boss, you have to find daily motivation within yourself.


What do you wear when you jump?

At first, I wore a lot of athletic clothing, but now I focus on looks that are more and more elegant. I like the contrast between an ultra-physical activity and a very classy outfit. I like simple cuts that are kind of loose so I can move freely.


When you’re not doing your art, what’s your everyday style?

My daily style reflects that of my practice: I like when it’s simple and comfortable, to go from one situation to another. I prefer well-cut clothing with a little bit of colour. My favourite go-to is a monochrome or mix & match outfit so I can just be myself.

Find out his wardrobe here.

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