The 10 must-have pieces of Spring/Summer 2023

Spring/Summer 2023 has arrived in the American Vintage wardrobe. And since we know that you’re (already) preparing your summer silhouettes, here’s our selection of 10 must-have pieces. Now bring on the sun!

#1: The colourful puffer jacket

The unisex KOLBAY padded jacket in butter

The puffer jacket is a must in any season. Ultra-comfy, it’s also ultra-colourful at AMV – and unisex. Get ready to shine like the sun.

#2: The alpaca cardigan

The women’s FOUBAY alpaca cardigan in melange ember

Tied around the waist, slipped directly over the skin, left open or buttoned closed: you can wear the alpaca cardigan differently each day. As always at American Vintage, it comes in a variety of colours that are all easy to love.

#3: The flowy dress

The women’s WIDLAND dress in string

Free as air and ready for sunny days. Each summer, the short spaghetti-strap dress comes out to brave the heat waves and guarantee a beautiful season. For a more vibrant effect, wear it in magenta.

#4: Straight-leg jeans

The women’s JOYBIRD straight-leg jeans in super bleached

Your search for the perfect pair of jeans is finally over: here they are. With their modern yet vintage-style cut, they are the essential piece in every silhouette – the piece you’ll want to keep forever.

#5: The cotton T-shirt

The women’s AKSUN T-shirt in white

An AMV wardrobe essential. The cotton tee is worn every season in different colours and cuts, but always in 100% cotton. A soft touch at the heart of our collections.

#6: Kids’ shorts

BOBYPARK kids’ shorts in ecru

Cool kids also deserve their must-have cotton piece. And for them, we choose only the best: 100% organic cotton. The right length for the best adventures.

#7: The kids’ sweatshirt

The IZUBIRD kids’ sweatshirt in vintage milkshake

A must in the AMV wardrobe, the sweatshirt isn’t only reserved for Sundays – or parents. Our essentials are available for the whole family. Featured here: a perfect long-sleeve crew neck sweatshirt.

#8: The corduroy shirt

The PADOW men’s shirt in sweetness

Definitely one of our favourite materials of the season: corduroy cotton. For men, we made it in extremely retro colours: vintage overseas, orange juice, carbon and vintage oat.

#9: Comfy shorts

The PADOW men’s shorts in vintage oat

The perfect length to feel comfy in the sun. We designed these men’s shorts in cotton corduroy, with comfort in mind. Exactly what you need on a sunny day.

#10: The cotton sweatshirt

The YATCASTLE men’s sweatshirt

Morning or evening, the American Vintage cotton sweatshirt can be pulled on in the blink of an eye. Perfect when you’re out and about and the temperature drops.

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