The AMV team’s favourite winter movies

Finally! It’s that time of year when you can spend a lazy Sunday watching TV (or your home cinema projector). Need some inspiration? Look no further: we’ve compiled a list of the team’s favourite feature films for you.

Cover photo: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Elsa’s movie: La Boum (The Party)

“I watched this film on TV every Christmas afternoon with my sister. It’s a cult romcom that was like a dream to me when I was little. There’s nothing better than a comforting love story to watch over and over, as often as you like.”

La Boum (The Party), Claude Pinoteau (1980)

Jade’s movie: The Holiday

“It’s so hard to choose … The Holiday is one of those heart-warming films to watch whenever you need a boost. It’s centred on two uplifting and interconnected stories: one about a woman who can’t seem to fall in love and another about a woman who’s been in love with the same man for years. They both decide to take a break and swap homes. The experience ends up changing their lives.”

The Holiday, Nancy Meyers (2006)

Angélique’s movie: The Polar Express 

“This movie reminds me of my childhood, when I still believed in Father Christmas, Hogwarts Express and the Tooth Fairy. In the trailer, you can already feel the magic of Christmas as you follow the story of this very sweet boy and his friends. The landscapes and settings of the North Pole are beautifully done, immersing you in a warm and enchanting world. I watch this film every year with my loved ones. It’s become a tradition!”

The Polar Express, Robert Zemeckis (2004)


Juliette’s movie: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople is a gem of a movie and a real mood-lifter. This New Zealand film is about the adventures of the young Ricky Baker, who decides to disappear in the forest with his adoptive uncle to escape from social services. A national manhunt is organised to find this unlikely and endearing duo. It’s a story of family, friendship and freedom, full of humour, beauty and pertinence – and it has a super soundtrack. It’s my favourite feel-good movie!”

Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Taika Waititi (2016)

Simon’s movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is more than just a movie to me. It’s a reminder of my childhood. For me, it’s a window that opens onto a world where imagination roams free. It brings back precious childhood memories from a time when everything seemed possible and magic was a reality.”

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Tim Burton (2005)

Faustine’s movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel

“Vintage vibes, Wes Anderson’s visual style, offbeat humour and quirky characters. Add a blanket and a mug of hot chocolate and you have the perfect combo to chase away the winter blues.”

The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson (2014)

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