AMV – Fit the experience


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The American Vintage sports line inaugurates a new chapter in the brand’s history. After a decade dedicated to urban elegance, it is by way of a natural transition that the brand chooses to take the American Vintage woman towards its brand new sports universe. Brassieres, leggings, waterproof jackets, shorts, tank tops and tee-shirts are the very symbols of the brand’s creative synergy. In search of a balance between subtle and audacious, the entire collection brings modern and feminine aesthetics together, making urban, casual and technical pieces come to life. Electric blue, orange, the colours are elegant and light, giving energy to our training gear. But some of the pieces are also more delicate, flirting with cheer fabrics and textured,chiné and flammé materials. A collection where fabrics and details recreate true to life hybrid products, at a crossroads between sportswear and urban wear. There are multitude of possible associations, inviting women to mix these pieces with the rest of their dressing. Emblematic of a timeless and easy going fashion, American Vintage transports us in this sports universe from which we can feel a new force, an irreverent and more combative spirit, but also soft, fluid and sophisticated lines. A game of contrasts that keeps on intriguing and inspiring the brand and underlines one of its character traits. its muse: a healthy woman, fresh, bright and self confident.

Available on on September Sunday 18th & in stores on  Monday 19th.