Campaña P/V 2016


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The blazing spontaneity of the Spring-Summer 2016 Collection is captured in this season’s American Vintage campaign. Each moment feels personal and is sublimated, echoing an almost magnetic intimacy. Shot by Christian Anwander from ATOMO agency, it pictures four unique untamed and lighthearted spirits. A touching peacefulness radiates from these four ordinary characters sharing a gentle way of living. These male and female bodies of all ages are instinctively bonding throughout the series … Bathed in the warmth of a natural light they’re glowing, symbolizing a sprightly and romantic hedonism. Embodying the American Vintage spirit of diverse and natural beauty, they are displaying a delicate and fresh wardrobe.

Low-key and colourful looks inspire daydreaming and getaways. The dynamics awakened is adventurous, fierce, brimming with genuineness.

American Vintage is unveiling a series of photographs bursting with that irresistible blend of textures that incarnates perfectly its essence.

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