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There’s no doubt about it: summer’s here! Say goodbye to cold spells and unpredictable months in which you don’t know which jacket to wear. You can now put (almost) all of your warm clothes away and pull out your swimsuits and sandals. To celebrate the return of sunny days, we made an on-trend playlist for your road trips. Ready for adventure? Then, rev up your engines or simply turn up your stereo…

Five tracks transport you to uncharted landscapes. Float over the mountaintops with Bibi Bourelly’s pop wonder “Sally” before landing in Odesza’s epic electro-pop, which surpasses all borders.

Then, make a stopover at the beach and enjoy some chill-out time with more soothing songs: the aptly named “July Bones” folk ballad by Richard Walters, as well as Alice Jemima’s “Liquorice” for an elegant cocktail hour. The entire playlist revolves around the impeccable “Flee” by talented young Parisian, Crayon, for a complete musical escapade.

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