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Sometimes, amongst all the sites and artists that saturate the web, you come across something you instantly love. A musician who strikes a chord with you, a relationship that feels more personal, a bond that you build with a musical creation, just as you might with a fashion item. For us, this is the case with the first album by KFJ, a young Parisian artist with New Zealand roots who continues to impress us with his skills at melding jazz and funk sources with an electro touch. His hit “Go Back Home” is a dreamy ode to going out and to parties that never end because no one wants to leave. Naturally, this track heads our playlist of the day, accompanied by other artists who are just as promising: young pop Londoner Nilüfer Yanya, Irish folk crooner James Vincent McMorrow, Americans Willow and SZA and the Australian group Human Movement. In short, a world tour of English-speaking countries in five entrancing songs.

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