Ein Sommer in Kalifornien


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It’s Spring, sunny days are coming full swing! We are feeling freshness and change… How about sprucing up our interiors? Today we will take a look at an interior design trend that inspires me: The Californian style, a dreamy mansion in the desert of Palm Springs, do you get the idea?


I’ll give you this, this type of interior is often very spacious, full of light and the luxury of a large garden. Not what you see in your two bedroom Parisian apartment? Not a problem! Let’s analyse the codes and elements that make this trend…

First, opt for one design piece. It can be a real edition or a reproduction, your pick, but better go with a chair or armchair. The design piece will bring a natural stamp and a real personality to your home décor. For the living room area, we choose a brown leather couch reminding us of California in the 70’s. And to give it a trendy look, we pair it with an ethnic rug: done! To enhance the trend a bit further: go for a low vintage buffet – which has been making its come-back into our homes for a while now but doesn’t seize to seduce us – will definitely do the trick. We choose one in a raw colour, giving it an even more vintage look.


Plants are your friends! Cactus or succulent plants: we reconcile with the latter, becoming a veritable part of interior décor. Major plus: very limited up keeping! And what about colours? Summer is coming, we crave pastel and go for one light pink wall in the bedroom or living room. And if you’re not ready to take that step, pick the amazing Honoré armchair in that colour.

Look California girl


Tropical shirt             Strappy tank top             Wide-leg trousers


1. Enfilade ScandinaveScandinavia chest of drawers | 2. Fauteuil Honoré Honoré chair | 3. CanapéSofa |
4. Bouée cygneInflatable  swan | 5. Tapis Carpet | 6. Table basseCoffee table | 7. Vase cactus |


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