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Interior design is going green

Today Aurélie from Blueberryhome blog talks about a colour in interior design, a colour that cuts across trends and never goes out of fashion: green.

Whether it is a wall, a signature accessory or a material, learn how to use this colour in your home…

When we think about green in interior design, we also think about our photosynthesising friends, plants! Plants are back in a big way. These little living ornaments have been out of style for a while, but now they’re taking our homes by storm!

Which plants should you choose?

It’s important not to get this decision wrong. The best from a design perspective are bold plants such as cacti or succulents, and what’s more they don’t need much looking after.

In the living room, kitchen, hallway or even bathroom, there’s always a place for one of these little plants to bring a touch of nature into your space. Why not seek strength in numbers? More is more, group a few plants together.

Are you fingers not even the tiniest bit green?

If you’ve got a bad track record with plants, don’t worry. There are other ways to get some green into your interiors. The colour green is incredibly on-trend, and can be seen in more and more places. Emerald green, mint green or grass green, give it a go but in moderation…

If you’re feeling very cautious, go for an accessory such as a cushion, a vase, some tableware or even bedclothes. You can be a bit more daring by painting a section of wall green, which will warm up a room and hint at a jungle atmosphere – absolutely stunning! Green can also be used for furnishings, for example green cupboards in the kitchen really catch the eye!

Are you ready to try green in your home?

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