Hp-Hop: ein goldenes Zeitalter


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From May 12, the Museum of Contemporary Art (mac) of Marseille has featured “Hip-hop: A Golden Age, 1970-1995.” An exhibition developed with Mucem, retracing the different hip-hop movements, from the first block parties in the Bronx to Marseille and its golden age.

Visitors discover all the major players of this historic and still thriving movement: DJs, MCs, graffiti artists, writers and break-dancers. A real immersion in the world of all these artists who took over the streets, clubs and youth of the world.

Music, dance, fashion, writing, graffiti, photography, movies… The exhibition offers a journey through the rich history of hip-hop with scenography that showcases the mixing of all these disciplines. A remarkable program in line with previous shows, from Andy Warhol to Théo Mercier by way of Cody Choi.

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