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Baskets, baskets everywhere

Once used by our grandmothers for their shopping, baskets have gained new ground! Today, they come in a variety of shapes, colors and functions… Let’s take a closer look at this new star of home decoration.

The lampshade basket

Baskets are now turned upside-down and used as lampshades for a quirky and irresistible look! The effect is slightly ethnic and completely on-trend. Ideal above a dining room table, these new creations go with all types of interior design, whether Scandinavian or vintage.

The storage basket

Time to tidy up! When it comes to decluttering and organizing your home, it’s hard to find imaginative decoration ideas. If you’re a packrat like me, the storage basket will be your new best friend. Choose a rounded shape and fill it with sofa throws, magazines, toys or even handbags. They’re as practical as they are pretty!

The wall basket

In a new and surprising decorating twist, baskets are now hung directly on the wall. So original! Yes, they definitely give off a summer vibe and they might not be the right choice for winter, but then again, why not… The idea is to use wide, shallow baskets in different colors for an ethnic effect.

The planter basket

Finally, the basket gives a new home to our dear plants. So much more interesting than a traditional planter, a basket – the trendy home decorating item – looks great with all greenery. Once again, the round shape works well for this. By now, I think you’ve figured out that I love this type of basket. It’s multifunctional and totally in fashion.

Now it’s your turn to try it! Aurélie from BlueberryHome blog. 

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