Margaux Keller


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We met Margaux for American Vintage 10 years anniversary. We took the opportunity to ask 10 young designers to work with us on an exclusive joint project. With Margaux, a young independent designer, we designed a darling little lamp made with hand-blown glass and sold it as a limited edition in boutiques and on our respective websites.


Tell us about Margaux…
I am currently a designer and mother of a 2-year-old girl named Bettina (who keeps me nice and busy!)

Where are you from ?
I was born in Switzerland and have family there, but Marseille will always be my home. My roots – as well as my life – are here.

Your career path in a few words ?
When I was 18, I wanted to leave home. Marseille just wasn’t cutting it. I needed more action, and to be at the heart of the creative world: Paris. I spent 5 years there, between the École Olivier de Serres and the École Boulle. And it was during an internship with Philippe Starck that I first heard about Fabrica, a research centre specialized in interior design based in Treviso, not far from Venice. I applied, was accepted, and went to live for a year in Italy. It was mad. I met unbelievable people and helped completed brilliant projects. We had time to create, think, let our imaginations run wild, and bring outlandish ideas to life. In 2013, I moved back to Marseille and opened my own design studio.  My year abroad helped me to see the city with a fresh pair of eyes. Today work with an architect and a graphic designer. During jobs, we each bring something unique to the table. I also collaborate with publishers, Roche Bobois, Habitat, La Redoute, and more and more on interior design projects.

What are your inspirations ?
The lives of others, and the way they grow with their objects. I always keep the company’s guiding principle in mind: that an object must be functional and aesthetic but also arouse emotions so it may remain and endure within families.

New collection SWIM for

3 words to describe your personality ?
Reasonable, unreasonable, and determined.

3 words to describe your look ?
Simple, elegant, unconventional.

Your brand vision in 3 words ?
Lightness, simplicity, timeless.

Your favourite item in our collection ?
I own some printed silk, marble-pattern trousers. I wear them all the time. They go with everything and are both chic and casual.

Your favourite song at the moment ?
Right now it’s all about “Coeur de Pierre” (“Heart of Stone”) by NACH.

Your favourite city ?
Truth be told, I really do love Marseille, even if visiting Tokyo was an incredible experience that had a significant impact on my life.

Your favourite place to grab lunch ?
“Le Baron Perché” or “Le Pointu”.

The icon who inspires you the most ?
Eileen Gray is amazing. She was able to make a name for herself in a world of men who weren’t quite ready to accept a woman as their equal. I also admire the timeless quality of her furniture.

The corniest thing no one can get you to stop doing ?
Singing Celine Dion at the top of my lungs!

Your passions ?
My job (wink), my new role as a mother, the Marseille sun, and meeting my friends after work for a drink (perhaps my biggest passion).

What would you do if you weren’t a designer ?
I’d be trying to figure out how to become one 🙂


Your most memorable encounter ?
Professionally, it’s Sam Baron, without a doubt. A French designer, he took me under his wing at Fabrica, enabling me to get a real taste for the industry.

A closing bit of advice ?
Now’s as good a time as any to discover American Vintage Home collection!



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