Spotlight on blush pink


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Today, I’d like to talk to you about interior design colors and one color in particular… Spotlight on a soft and delicate shade: blush pink. With summer approaching, we all want to make our homes brighter. Let’s see how we can cue in this new hue…

A stretch of wall

Decorating trends change in the blink of an eye, but painting a portion of your wall doesn’t take much effort and – more importantly – you don’t have to commit to it for life… So, go for it. The result will wow you! Choose a nude pink (not too light, but not too dark) and use it anywhere! In the kitchen, living room or bedroom, a pink wall will add that gentle, comforting touch that your home sorely needed 😉


I’m a 100% fan of nude pink bed linens. If possible, choose a material such as linen for a guaranteed effect. A delicate ambience for the bedroom, ideal for lazy Sunday mornings in bed! I’d also like to share a standout brand with you: Jamini, an Indian-inspired brand with artisanally manufactured products. Their cushions are sublime and their new collection with its rosy shades is to die for!

Finally, a piece of furniture or an accessory

If the idea of painting a wall seems daunting, you can always opt for a great design piece. An armchair, a lamp, a desk… Let your imagination run wild! This color goes perfectly with an understated interior, wooden floors, a white sofa or even vintage furniture. I still dream of owning a nude-tone Honoré armchair…

Aurélie from BlueberryHome blog. 

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