Tao Fernandez Caino


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American Vintage and Tao go back a long way! We came across the model last April during our 2015 autumn/winter campaign and he quickly became the new face of the brand’s men’s collection. Tao is an ambitious and talented model from Argentina. We interviewed him to find out a bit more about this good-looking Argentinian…

Who are you?
My name is Gustavo Fernandez Caino named Tao since I started working in the fashion world.

Where are you from?
I am from little town situated on the north of Argentina. Named Goya

Tell us a bit about yourself…
I began my modeling career doing shows at a very young age in my hometown. I had the chance to meet Martin Traynor, a photographer that helped me to make those first steps in modeling. At the age of 18 years old, He introduced me to an agent from France and 15 days late I was on my way to Paris where I was for 14 years working on my dream job, Modeling.
With work spanning Europe and Asia under my  belt, I decided to moved to New York in 2013 to expand my footing and pursue my other artistic passion: acting.

Your personality ?
Ambitious, adventurous, perfectionist

Your passions?
Very grateful and I am very passionate person so everything that make me feel creative, everything transport me to my own world, things that make me dream and and things that make me challenge my self.

Your favourite music?
I don’t really have one song, it just depends on how I wake up, but… I have to say that I been very inspired by the new Beyonce song… Runnin.
The music video and lyrics brings me a lot of memories.

Your favourite city?
Would you believe me if I say that Paris and New York aero the same level ?

What were you like when you were 10? What about in 10 years time?
When I was 10 years I was dreaming of being part of the artistic world.
In 10 years I hope I ll be with kids and feeling successful of what life gave me.

What’s your retro lifestyle habit?
I really To put mayonnaise EVERYWHERE.
I have done some mix that if I tell you now people will never see me the same way haha!

What would you do if you weren’t a model?
I’ll do other things as acting, singing, I work for a vintage furniture company, I need to be doing things… To express my self and to be creative are the basic components in my life.

A piece of American Vintage that you couldn’t do without?
There are so many things that I like in the collection but if I have to choose only one thing, my favorite thing will be the Sweatpants, they are so comfortable !


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