Weihnachten in schwarz und weiß

© Mamie boude

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Christmas is here it’s time to get out the decorations! Personally, I love this time of the year: decorating, preparing the gifts, spending time with my family… Each year, the time seems to go by even more quickly and, before I know it, Christmas is only a month away! To get your home into the festive spirit, why not try black-and-white Scandinavian decorations?  

The table

Whether you’re inviting your family or your friends, you’ll want to pull out all the stops to impress them! But don’t go overboard or the result might end up being kitsch. I recommend the black-and-white trend. Elegant and fashionable, a black-and-white table is sure to wow them. Don’t hesitate to add some leaves, pinecones or little forest animals to add a warm touch.

The Christmas tree

A Christmas tree is a key element of any festive setting. Choose your Christmas ball ornaments carefully so that they match the rest of your decoration. I find it best to opt for two or three colors max. Remember, black and white will give a modern touch to your tree 😉

The presents

Last but not least, there’s the gift-wrapping. Speaking for myself, I love gift wrap and it’s so fun to get creative! Forget about traditional wrapping paper and opt for Kraft paper or black-and-white print. For the finishing touch, decorate your presents with a little pine tree branch or leaves.

Aurélie from BlueberryHome blog. 


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