3 books to take to the beach

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This summer, spend all your time stretched out on your beach towel. Whether you are (re)discovering the French regions or setting off for adventure abroad, take some travel-themed books with you. Our selection of 3 books to explore new horizons with each new page. 


961 heures à Beyrouth (et 321 plats qui les accompagnent), (“961 hours in Beirut (and 321 accompanying dishes)”), by Ryoko Sekiguchi

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A Japanese journalist who splits her time between her homeland and France, Ryoko Sekiguchi is also a food enthusiast. She spent a month and a half in Beirut (or 961 hours, to be precise), before an explosion destroyed the city centre in August 2020. In this book, she talks about her life there, sweetened by the gastronomic pleasures that the city offered her. 

256 pages, published by P.O.L. 


Les femmes aussi sont du voyage, l’émancipation par le départ, (“Women on the move, finding emancipation by hitting the road”), by Lucie Azema

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Author Lucie Azema declares: “You must be free to travel and free in order to travel.” In this essay, she speaks to all women who travel, who have already set out, who are packing their bags right now or who haven’t dared to do so yet. Because, for women, travelling is one of the most fundamental acts of them all. 

 286 pages, published by Flammarion. 


L’écume des pâtes, (“The meaning of pasta”), by Tommaso Melilli

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Set your sights on local Italian cuisines, those that overflow with secrets about the precise way to cook pasta or the art of preparing perfect artichokes. A former chef in Paris, Tommaso Melilli returned to his native land to find “real Italian cuisine.” Savour this book during your vacation in Sicily or snuggled up on your sofa (for a mouth-watering moment). 

240 pages, published by Stock.


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