3 Instagram accounts for alternative workouts


Because sport is also part of our self-care rituals, here is a selection of Instagram accounts for stress-free sessions at home or outdoors. A quick look at some posts that we carefully saved on Instagram.

Cover photo: Xuan Lan by Gerard Estadella at the Sir Victor Hotel



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Yoga tips by @XuanLanYoga

To improve yoga positions that you haven’t mastered yet or take the ones that you know by heart to the next level, follow the precious advice from Xuan Lan. With her mini videos, this Spanish yoga instructor shows you how to enhance your positions, gradually and gracefully.



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Improve your posture with @MajorMouvement

A professional physical therapist, Grégoire (AKA Major Mouvement on Instagram and YouTube) shares his best tips and stretching exercises to respond to different body problems. His approach focuses on the body and its functions so that you can move well while maintaining the best posture.


Photo: @lehallboxing on Instagram

The boxing sessions of Le Hall Boxing by Yazid Amghar 

Last but not least, head to @lehallboxing on Instagram, the boxing gym founded by champion Yazid Amghar, to follow live cardio boxing and ab core building sessions. 30 minutes of exercise for training that is accessible and always dynamic.

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