3 questions for Charlotte Allègre, CSR Manager at AMV

Charlotte Allègre has been on the American Vintage team for seven years now (in the back office retail service) and has been in charge of CSR for the last year and a half. We had three questions for her

Photos: American Vintage

Why was this CSR Manager position created?

At American Vintage, all the collections start with material: this is the building block from which all the pieces are designed. My position was created to ensure the traceability of these materials, but also to initiate more sustainable approaches in-house. That’s why I report to Coralie, the Collection Manager.

What part of your work do you like most?

Probably my relationship with the suppliers, who really stepped up their game: they understand the CSR challenges. We have many discussions and this helps us advance together. I love visiting the factories, going behind the scenes and seeing the people involved. We are making progress, little by little and hand in hand. It’s so rewarding!

Can you tell us about a CSR approach recently implemented at AMV? 

We started a partnership with TILLI, a French alterations service. This lets us offer our clients the possibility of altering or repairing their American Vintage pieces – to give them a second life. And, last but not least, we recently obtained textile certifications that raise new challenges to meet in 2024!


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