AMV loves sports

For several seasons now, American Vintage has shared its values by honouring its own athletes, as well as others in carefully chosen partnerships.

Photo: Thomas Ramos for American Vintage

Athletic base

This love story springs from a state of mind: that of Michaël Azoulay, founder of the Marseille brand. “Sports are in my DNA. They boost my well-being and help me clear my head,” he explains. When it comes to his employees, he encourages them to surpass themselves and to focus on teamwork: the same strong values required in athletic activities. At the head office, a football field and gym are open to co-workers who want to turn their lunch break into workout time. Between exercise sessions, a physical therapist is also available to ease their muscles.

Photo: American Vintage

Team spirit

Once a year, AMV team members can submit sports projects to Michaël Azoulay, who then chooses one for the brand to sponsor. Like the AMV Cycling Tour, initiated by Arnaud and Antonio, who rode 1,300 kilometres in 11 days with an AMV cap on their heads. Every year, 15 racing bibs for the Marseille-Cassis half-marathon are also offered to the teams.

Photo: American Vintage

Partnership with the Cercle des Nageurs

For the past three years, American Vintage has donated lifestyle gifts to the swim team and water polo team of Marseille’s iconic swim club. As soon as they climb out of the water, these athletes can slip into sporty AMV pieces – which can also be found in the store on-site. A great way to reinforce AMV’s local presence, which is so important to the brand.

Photo: Victoria Dauberville and Mathieu Forget


Extended collabs 

All year long, American Vintage supports and works with athletes. This allows it to showcase young generations, such as surfer Matt Etxebarne, with whom the brand made a video. During the last Rugby World Cup, three rugby players (year-round ambassadors) were captured on film in their AMV pieces: Gabin Villière, Julien Marchand and Thomas Ramos.

Photo: LAFFUE Romain

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