6 tips to transform your bed into a cocoon

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Whether you find extra time to snuggle up there during the week or spend all Sunday in it, your bed is your haven. Here are some tips to turn the star of your bedroom into a cocoon of softness.  


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Get an XXL quilt

Aim for a quilt that actually hits the floor. Whatever your bed size, go one size up when it comes to your duvet. That way, you can twist and turn as much as you like without being left uncovered. For example, a queen-size quilt (240 cm) is great for a double bed (160 cm). Even if purists may disagree.


Dim the lights

If possible, avoid ceiling lamps or any downward-facing vertical lights. Instead, opt for a cleverly placed floor lamp and nightstand lamps. In other words, soft side lighting. Also, choose yellow-toned light bulbs, ideally 3000 lumens (200 W for incandescent bulbs or 38 W for LED) for a 15-square-metre (161.5 sq. ft.) room.


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Add more pillows

Because you can never have enough pillows, we recommend one pair of square pillows, one pair of rectangular pillows and one pair of small decorative cushions. For cosier nights and prettier days.

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Mix things up (but not too much)

In a subtle choreography of variations and harmony, create contrast by selecting different colours for the square and rectangular pillowcases. Then, coordinate the square pillowcases with the duvet cover and the rectangular pillowcases with the fitted sheet. A masterclass in mix and match.


Photo : @jeanasohn


Opt for a headboard

This is probably the most important (and often the most underestimated) decorative element in the bedroom. Because this is what brings the bed together in beauty, while protecting your wall. If you choose one in fabric, make sure that the cover is removable and washable for easy spring cleaning. If you’re looking to create a mood, keep in mind that wood adds warmth and nobility, linen brings freshness and sensuality, velvet instils a boudoir effect, while canework and rattan (very hot right now) ensure a subtle 70s vibe.


Make your whites whiter

When it’s time to clean your white sheets, nothing works better than washing them warm at 40°C with a heaping spoonful of sodium percarbonate (available in organic drugstores). They’ll come out whiter and fresher than ever. A natural tip to revive the radiance of your whites without taking a toll on the environment.

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