AMV Camp in Rome with Giulio

Since February 2019, AMV Camp has given a voice to American Vintage employees and highlighted their role within the brand. After Audrey Lankester in Marseille, let’s head to Rome to meet Giulio Sorgi, Merchandising Training Manager.

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What’s your average day like?

My work keeps me on my toes: I support 36 stores in 6 European countries. So, I can wake up in Berlin, Amsterdam or London, and every day is a different journey. The hands-on part of my work is done on the field. I verify and adapt the visual merchandising guidelines planned for the stores to make them more attractive. I also train the staff on all the aspects of the merchandising strategy for our collections.

Why is this important?

I like to make store teams more aware and creative so that they can adapt to clients’ needs. When the products are showcased well, the teams work better and the clients are more comfortable.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

That’s a hard question to answer, because I still have a lot to accomplish at American Vintage. I started as a store manager in Rome three years ago and I moved to AMV Camp just six months ago. American Vintage is a company that looks to the future and I always want to see and learn new things. So, I hope that, in five years, my skills and experience will lead me to new and unexpected projects.