Artist Pierre Brault’s Sunday look

Since the very start of his career, art school graduate Pierre Brault has created pop works, notably from recycled Plexiglas. He particularly loves this material because of its ability to reflect the light and now interprets it digitally in the form of NFTs. Today, his pieces are exhibited at the Élysée Palace and in Parisian galleries. Between shows, he takes time out to tell us about his favourite weekend outfits. 

On the cover photo, Pierre is at Claude Monet’s House in Giverny and is wearing a DATCITY jumpsuit.


Hi, Pierre! What is your relationship with clothing?

I need to be comfortable when I’m working in my atelier. I like to wear pieces that go hand in hand with my world: white, because it’s bright and I can project shadows on the pieces. But sometimes I wear colour too. 


Pierre is wearing the TARAW jumpsuit.


What’s your favourite piece of clothing right now? 

I’ve been wearing the white DATCITY jumpsuit a lot. It’s super practical for an artist!


What’s a typical Sunday like for you? 

I’m a pretty active person. When I’m not working on weekends, I go to see exhibitions. Recently, I went to Giverny, a place that’s very important for me. Seeing Claude Monet was the first artistic jolt I got as a kid. There’s something in his work that immediately struck a chord in me. 


Pierre is wearing the TARAW jumpsuit.


Your favourite Sunday outfit? 

It’s pretty relaxed: a hoodie or a sweatshirt, depending on my mood. But one thing’s for sure: I always have to be at least a little well-dressed!


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