Natural shades: our plant based dyes


At AMV, colour exploration is part of our daily life. Each season, we develop our own unique shades. Present for several collections now, our VEGIFLOWER models have become essential. The name “Vegi” obviously refers to “vegetal”, because these subtle colours come directly from nature. Our style studio explains this 100% natural process, now a House favourite.


Natural colouring

Because we like to do things right, we chose the Eyand process (which stands for Ecologic yarns and natural dyes). Specially developed from natural plant pigments, it dyes eco-designed cotton yarn for a 100% natural T-shirt with no traces of chemical products. 


Our VEGIFLOWER shorts in coffee ice cream.


Reused resources

During this colouring process, the pigments are first mixed with water to tint the fabrics and then separated so that each one can be used again to dye other T-shirts. It is very important to us to maximize our use of these precious natural resources so as not to waste anything.

Our VEGIFLOWER dress in almond green.


The same environment, before and after

With 100% natural pollutant-free pigments and water that comes out “cleaned” from each dyeing vat, the Eyand process ensures that we don’t contaminate the environment with unwanted substances. In other words, resources that are not used again do not pollute. After several dyeing cycles, Eyand redistributes what was used without having added anything to it. The natural balance remains intact…

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