New models #2: an ode to African know-how with Ômol


In 2020, we launched NEW MODELS, a series of portraits and interviews of people and initiatives shaping tomorrow’s world. Fashion, food, design… How can we produce differently? Who is shaking things up and why?

For this second excursion, we met Nathalie Moth, cofounder of the ÔMOL brand. Made in Cameroon and designed in Paris, the accessories and ready-to-wear pieces of the brand showcase African craftsmanship, celebrate creativity and develop retail on the continent.

Discover it here: the Ômol e-shop

In one of the Cameroon dialects (the country has over 250), “ômol” means “young woman”. A perfect name, as young women are exactly whom Nathalie and Gladys Moth, the sisters behind Ômol, honour with their fashion and accessories brand, which highlights African craftsmanship in pieces designed in Paris. Produced in Cameroon, and more precisely in Douala, the articles of their collections pay a joyful tribute to the audacity of all women. “Ômol is a lively, vibrant and colourful brand,” points out Nathalie. “Our creations are striking and easily recognizable, but can be worn on any occasion. Our clients are their own occasion.” Unapologetic, proud and authentic, Ômol pieces reflect its clients, celebrating women’s bodies. “Our sizing has ranged from 34 to 46 from the moment of our launch in 2018, which is rare for a designer brand,” comments Nathalie, before adding that “the sizes offered by Ômol are adapted to the needs of French and Cameroonian women so as not to exclude anyone.” An inclusive policy that will be developed further in the future.

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Two years into its adventure, Ômol occupies a niche that is often forgone by fashion houses: creation and production in collaboration with the African continent. “We go much farther than just ‘made in Africa’, which doesn’t always mean much,” explains Nathalie. Equally focused on France and Africa, Ômol remains open to all consumers, notably by allowing for as many means of payment as possible, from the classic credit card and PayPal account to postal money orders and Western Union. “The goal of Ômol is to be democratic and accessible on every level, from the sizes to the payment methods, by way of our prices.” A quick look at the e-shop confirms this: the most sophisticated dresses are still under one hundred euros. Without compromising quality: “All of our pieces are designed in our Parisian studio and then assembled in our sewing workshops in Douala. It’s a two-way learning process.”