Stéven Coëffic honoured at Design Parade Hyères


Once again, this 2022 edition of Design Parade Hyères was driven by creation. After two days of festivities, Stéven Coëffic won the Special Mention of the Jury award. 


Cover photo: @clementharpillard 


For this 16th edition of Design Parade Hyères, designers were challenged to explore shape, movement, balance, material and colour. Out of the ten finalists of Design Parade Hyères (presented here), Stéven Coëffic walked away with the Special Mention of the Jury award for his childhood shapes. His pieces reflect his playful vision. We asked him three questions.


What were the inspirations for this piece? 

I wanted to focus on functions ignored by the design world, notably that of the switch. A switch has an essential mission – it allows us to use electrical devices – yet it is often ignored. I design everyday objects to create a playful dialogue between human and object, between art and design. All revealed by ceramic and glass.



How do you approach the issue of memory in your work? 

When I started my research, I spent a lot of time thinking about memories of little everyday moments. For example: when you turn on a fluorescent light, it blinks several times before it stabilises. The “Lampe 10”, displayed at the Villa Noailles, comes from a memory. Based on these memories, I give form to little amusements in terms of how my pieces are used.


What was your reaction when the results were announced? 

I felt immensely proud. It was already an achievement to have been selected, because Design Parade supports and encourages young designers. But this award is like a validation, a real boost. I want to share all this with my friend Camille Zonca and the Villa Belleville — which is where I set up my production workshop. This Special Mention of the Jury, and the collaboration with American Vintage on top of that, struck a chord with me: it’s the opportunity to share my work and to allow it to converse with another universe.


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