Style: Aboubacar-Séga’s Sunday look

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Wowed by his savvy style, passion for men’s fashion and inspired references, we knew we had to meet Aboubacar-Séga Kanouté. This journalist, columnist, clothing fan “and more” fills his @abou_sega Instagram account with polished photos and clever analyses. He took time out to answer some of our questions about his Sunday look.

Pictures by Gaijin Paris in Oultma coffe shop.

Tell us about your relationship with fashion, behind all of these Insta shots.

My content focuses on men’s fashion, my inspirations and my way of expressing myself through clothing. My style is an extension of what I am. Sometimes, I’ll fall in love with a detail, a cut, a shape, a texture, a button, a material. My choices are based on the person behind the project, the originality, the manufacturing and the durability. I get really pumped up by the social issues around clothing. I share things in stories to encourage discussions and discovery. I also speak up about social problems, such as racism, discrimination and feminism.

Your favourite piece of clothing at the moment?

My favourite piece of clothing at the moment is a vintage Y’s shirt from the Yohji Yamamoto label. It’s a gift that was purchased in a second-hand shop owned by friends. It’s a long destructured women’s shirt in linen, which makes it really striking.


What are your Sundays like?

There are no Sundays in my weeks! I’m a night owl and I like to take my time in the morning. I get up at 9 a.m. A light breakfast with fromage blanc, oats and tea, in front of a documentary or book. I go out to see my friends who are at work so I can soak up some good vibes. I come home, I work, then a movie and bedtime. I like to learn something before I go to bed. Right now, I’m immersed in the history of immigration with I Am Not Your Negro by Raoul Peck, the book by Baldwin and the documentary series Amend: The Fight for America. My other passion for the time being: geopolitics shows by Arte.

What is your Sunday look?

I’ve always been kind of crazy in terms of how I dress and my style is constantly evolving. Right now, I wear black or blue, I have fun with volumes and layering and I avoid being too literal. My Sunday look reflects this: a classic cut, like a workwear-inspired uniform. The colour is simple, so I can still have fun with it.


Can you share your unique analysis of fashion to describe the American Vintage men’s wardrobe?

For me, the American Vintage men’s wardrobe offers casual basics. There’s something reassuring about them. They structure the silhouette, while leaving room for originality. Like I often say: clothing is just clothing. It’s the way you wear it that makes all the difference.

Aboubacar-Séga’s Sunday look

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