The contrasting photos of Claudia Devillaz

Interview AMV-3

Based in south-eastern France, photographer Claudia Devillaz’s work showcases her vision of gastronomy. Interview.


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Cover photo : ZEFIR coat and PADOW pants


Claudia Devillaz’s passion for photography grew over the years but began in her early childhood: “My grandmother was Italian. I’ve always been immersed in the cooking world.” The real revelation? A trip to Australia with her boyfriend, where she learned all her techniques. When she returned to Paris, she developed her passion and then turned it into a career. 


How would you define your style? 

I started out taking a lot of minimalistic photos. But, more recently, I’ve switched to more polished, stylised and dynamic compositions.



What do you prefer to shoot? 

Pastries! Aesthetically, they’re prettier and easier to stage than savoury food, even though I actually prefer to eat savoury food.


Do you ever run into any problems? 

Yes, it happens. Especially with savoury dishes. But it’s challenging, which makes my work interesting!


Photo : PADOW shirt


Can you give us three tips to take a beautiful photo in a restaurant? 

First, ask for a spot near a window for natural light. Then, take the photo from a 45° angle. Finally, pay attention to scale. The elements must be perfectly proportioned. For example, you should avoid bottles that are too high.


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