Tips for tip-top photos from Emma Weber, American Vintage model

Emma Weber, a model for the latest American Vintage autumn/winter 2022-2023 campaign, has lived in Berlin for two years. She is just as happy working on creative projects as she is strolling through the surrounding forests. She talks to us about self-confidence, music and personal style. Interview. 

Cover photo: Jonas Unger

Hi, Emma! How did the photo shoot go?
Everything felt very spontaneous and fun. We shot in the streets of Berlin in spring. That’s my favourite season! In terms of style, it was really cool because we could add personal touches to our looks, making them unique.

You’ve already modelled before, right? 
Yes, I’ve been modelling for a while now. This wasn’t the first time.

You look so relaxed in the photos. What’s your trick? 
I’m always a little stressed out beforehand, but once the shoot starts, the stress disappears. The trick is to just let go and believe in yourself.

Do you have a tip for people who don’t like the way they look in photos? 
People are often way too hard on themselves and tend to see all the flaws that no one else notices. I try to tell myself that a photo is a 2D representation, not reality.

Is it possible to be unphotogenic? 
No, even though it’s true that some people always look perfect in photos. But it’s like nature: in reality, it’s the little “flaws” that make someone look handsome or beautiful.

What’s your current playlist?
Tastes Like Honey, Swallow
Heatwave Pavement, Movietone
He’s Like a Swallow, Stina Nordenstam
Carefully, Voice Actor, Joseph
Lilies, Cranes
Today Is The Day, Yo La Tengo
No Sweat, Double Virgo

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