Why Supima cotton fascinates the fashion world

Supima cotton has remained under the radar for a long time, but is now making a noticeable breakthrough in European fashion collections. It has become one of the star materials at American Vintage. But what is it exactly?

An American story

Pima cotton was born under the Texan and Californian sun in 1911. This specific variety of cotton boasts fibers that are 35% longer than those of the average traditional cotton flower. Rapidly marketed in the United States, and then the rest of the world, the “Supima” trademark was registered in 1954. The concept? To create a label for the best American Pima cotton production, a proof of quality for its buyers. A name that would become world-famous and synonymous with cotton of incomparable quality. Today, only 1% of Pima cotton bears the “Supima” label, whose name, the contraction of “Superior Pima,” perfectly reflects its high standards.

The most beautiful cotton in the world?

Lighter, softer, more luminous and 45% more resilient than ordinary cotton, “Supima”-label cotton has been considered the most premium cotton in the world for decades. In fact, this exceptional material has been chosen by 400 of the biggest fashion and lifestyle brands of the moment, from Levi’s jeans to Stance luxury socks by way of Sloggi underwear. In line with a sustainable approach, the Supima cotton pieces in the American Vintage collections are designed to last and provide the perfect canvas for the vibrant colors developed by the House’s creation studio.

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