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Our musical selection of the moment will highlight new electro-pop creations that draw from both styles to offer us the very best: the hypnotic, catchy rhythms of electro united with the just-as-enchanting melodies of pop songs. And because, more and more, the borders between genres are blurring into a savvy creative blend, we also decided to focus our playlist on artists who help shake up the rules.

For example, the electronic clouds of Otzeki float lazily by before unfurling vocals that transport you to a state of sweet nostalgia. The same can be said of the Australian group JJ. After making a name for themselves on the web by adding down-tempo chill beats to hip-hop instrumentals, they started to release their own tracks, including this entrancing “Truce,” which you’ll want to put on repeat.

As for the pop hymns, which borrow ethereal dimensions and intense percussions from electro, we can spotlight another Australian, Woodes, and her “Daggers and Knives,” alongside the rising star Anna Wise, notably known for her collaborations with Kendrick Lamar. The cherry on the cake in this synth parade: the potential hit “Evil Twin” by Krrum, which will get your feet tapping from the very first notes, as if by instinct.