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Goodbye summer, hello autumn… But don’t worry, you still have more than one reason to smile: you can finally try out that new outfit that is waiting in your wardrobe for the last few weeks and the Autumn sun is still bright enough to let you endlessly mix and match mid-season looks. Autumn also signals the mass arrival of artists, who are ready to dive headfirst into this new cycle and get off to a flying start. Our selection offers a sample of this explosion of hits that will give you the energy you need to focus on your new projects. On the menu, we start with a perfect ballad for the Indian summer by Nine Pound Shadow, followed by the comeback of talented prodigy Sohn and the debut of the Anglo-Dutch duo Boredom, first-timers who are brand-new to the scene. To finish in style, pop tubes by the triumphant Halsey and Shura are sure to pump you up so you can start off the new season on the right foot.