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Winter is coming : time to make hearty winter meals, snuggle up by the fireplace and pull out the warm knit sweaters. It’s also the perfect moment to get away from it all – at least in your imagination. All you need is to set the mood. And you can start with the right soundtrack. This month, we take you on a journey with some selected tracks for the season, starting with Sarah Williams White and her “Rainmaker,” the calm before the storm. As talented as her big sister, Solange Knowles steps in with a neo-soul ballad in which she sweetly chants “I’m Mad.” Then, we get moving with Alice Jemima and a not so “Fragile” remix of Wantigga by Jeftuz. The finale is brought to us by the nu-disco pop of Beaty Heart and “T S I E R” by the Londonian Alyss, a catchy tribal and one-of-a-kind hit in the making.