¡Hola Berlin!


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At the heart of the ultimate underground city, American Vintage opened two shops in the famous Mitte neighborhood, one devoted exclusively to men.

To learn more about this historic city, which some people compare to New York in the 80s, American Vintage takes you on a tour to discover its every hidden corner. Welcome to Berlin: a new star destination with a perfect mix of art, fashion, architecture and culture.

Favorite breakfast – Sweethearts

Step into a former industrial-style building in Neukölln to enjoy one of the best brunches in town at Sweethearts, a candy pink restaurant that unites vintage decoration and pop colors. On the menu: different types of snack bars (with granola, candy, peanut butter and more), cakes, French toast, original salads… In short, dishes that each sound more delicious than the last!


Favorite stroll – East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery, a true work of Berlin street art. On the longest section of wall still standing, artists from all over the world arrive to express their art. In all, no less than 118 artists have come to leave their mark.


Favorite museum – Hamburger Bahnhof Museum

The Hamburger Bahnhof, the Museum of Contemporary Art located in a former train station, is one of the modern art hotspots in Berlin. Different modern art movements are represented here in incredibly understated rooms. Artists such as Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Cy Twombly have all had pieces displayed in this museum.


Favorite break – Konnopske’s Imbiss

To discover the city like a real Berliner, you have to try the local cuisine. Just as Paris has its croissant, Berlin has its currywurst. One of the best in the city is Konnopke’s Imbiss, located at Prenzlauer Berg. Food lovers will adore currywurst, a sausage prepared with a curry-ketchup sauce, with a side of fries.

currywurst image 1

Favorite spot – Ballhaus

When the sun goes down, head to the Ballhaus, a restaurant-bar in the Mitte neighborhood with an antique ballroom. Theme nights are organized here regularly: salsa, tango, rock… Finish the day in beauty in a magical place.