¡Hola Roma!


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American Vintage sets up shop in the capital of the dolce vita, at 30 Via Frattina.Rome is a capital unlike any other. The former hub of the Roman Empire, its monuments are both majestic and fascinating. Yet, although sumptuous, Rome also overflows with original spots known for their simplicity and easygoing Italian lifestyle. And at American Vintage, that’s exactly what we like! This is why we’ve decided to offer you a guide of unique locations in Rome, off the beaten path of tourists.

Where can you go for delicious mozzarella? You’ve already heard of salad bars and soup bars. Well, in Roma, where Italian cuisine reigns supreme, you can visit a mozzarella bar instead! Three addresses in Roma:

Piazza Campo dei Fiori, 16| Via dei Prefetti, 26a Angolo Piazza Firenze | Via Guido d’Arezzo, 49


An unusual tourist attraction: A former power station transformed into a museum, in which machinery and artwork rub shoulders to create an atmosphere all its own. You’re sure to be surprised. Centrale Montemartini – Via Ostiense, 106, 00154 Rome.


A singular neighborhood: The Trastevere neighborhood is the perfect representation of the simple and authentic side of Rome. Laundry is strung up to dry from the windows of the small buildings in the narrow picturesque streets. 


Best Instagram spot: At the Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, on the Aventine Hill, you will find a large door. Look through the keyhole and discover a surprising view, ideal for an original Instagram post !


Where to enjoy the best espresso in Roma? Almost unknown to tourists, but hardly a secret to natives, Sant’Eustachio il Caffè serves excellent coffee and boasts a well-guarded and unique recipe. Piazza di S. Eustachio, 82, 00186 Roma.

Where to eat traditional food? If you want a welcoming family atmosphere, go to Dino e Toni! Via Leone IV 60, 00192 Roma.

In the mood for modern art? MAXXi, the national museum of 21st century art, is a completely exceptional space in the city dedicated to innovation in the fields of art and architecture. Located in the Flaminio neighborhood, the museum was designed by architect Zaha Hadid with an aim to emphasize undulating shapes and strict modern architecture. In addition to art exhibitions, the museum offers activities, conferences, workshops and shows… MAXXI Museo Nazionale Delle Arti Del XXI Secolo, Via Guido Reni, 4 A – 00196 Rome


Where to sleep? For the ultimate Roman experience, we recommend the Kolbe Hotel. Overlooking the Roman Forum, you will literally plunge into Roman history. Inside, the arches, stone walls and medieval outfits stand side by side with contemporary furniture. Other advantages of this hotel include its magnificent garden and privileged location at the heart of the historic center, just 15 minutes away from the Coliseum and the Trastavere tourist area. Via Di San Teodoro 48, 00186 Rome, Italy