Recorrido Saint Germain

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Parcours Saint Germain – Poésie de la matière / 23rd till 31st October, in our Saint Sulpice Store, 28 street Saint Sulpice 75006 PARIS.

The margin of separation between art and fashion has never been so fluid. These two inter-connected worlds come together through co-design to create, innovate and push the boundaries, generating increasing beauty and emotional energy. With this in mind, American Vintage is teaming up with Parcours Saint-Germain to pay homage to the contemporary art scene, its dynamism and influence. Parcours Saint-Germain invites us all for a rare encounter with contemporary design in every-day situations, with a large-scale journey of discovery through the heart of the legendary district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris. For American Vintage, this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate its 10th anniversary under the banner of creation and imagination and to re-invent the visible objects all around us, offering new perspective without losing the original freshness. This unashamedly modern photo exhibition sheds new light on the brand’s life, history and values, honouring ten years of American Vintage in an open and friendly environment.

American Vintage is a trend spotter, always on the lookout for new talent, and has partnered with 4 remarkably inspired and energetic young artists:

Sara Barcaroli

Sara Barcaroli is an Italian photographer based in Paris, who works primarily with matching images and the way they communicate with one other. She likes to work with a variety of photographic media. In recent years, she has been hailed by the biggest luxury fashion designers and has also been featured in Vogue magazine.


Laura Bonnefous

Laura Bonnefous, a young Parisian photographer, draws inspiration from the relationships between people and the forms and spaces that build our modern-day landscape. She takes these landscapes and reshapes them into her own more personal and metaphorical spaces. Drawing inspiration from sculpture and performance, she takes us into a world where the forms overshadow the characters and where mythologies are turned on their head.


Victoire Le Tarnec

Through this photography project, Victoire Le Tarnec selected two women to pose in a graphic environment, focussing on their unique personalities and styles of beauty. The poses show how flexible and comfortable the clothes are in all situations, while remaining structured and colourful enough to stay chic and glamorous.


Manu Fauque

Manu Fauque quickly became immersed in the world of visual arts, playing with light in a quest for “vintage” spirit, curves and ample shapes in order to create the visual harmony that he loves! His photographs are awash with suave, gentle and subtle hues.