4 videos of fascinating ceramists

With self isolation, it’s hard to “do”. But it’s still possible to “see”… and feel. The satisfaction of making something all by yourself, the need to take your time, the desire to go back to basics… Today, more than ever, the call of beauty requires you to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. More and more people are trying their hand at pottery and ceramics, plunging their hands into clay in order to reconnect with something primitive and essential. Here are 4 videos that offer an ultra-satisfying panorama of craftsmanship, just a click away.

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The most back-to-nature: Kelly Magleby

Kelly Magleby creates pottery outdoors using the age-old techniques of the Anasazis, Native Americans from the southwestern region of the United States. You can watch her prepare her raw material, shape it, bake it and decorate it. Ancestral methods with the amazing ability to surprise and touch you.

The most connected: Tortus

Eric Landon describes himself as “a potter making pots” on his Instagram account @Tortus, which is followed by almost a million people. More than that, he’s the artist behind the brand Tortus Copenhagen, based in Denmark. He notably received the “Craftsman of the Year” award in 2015. While he remains faithful to traditional manufacturing methods, his enamel work is incredible, as is his devotion to sharing his craft.

The most instructive: Florian Gadsby

Florian Gadsby is a London ceramist. He likes to document his work on social media and doesn’t hesitate to make videos to teach us how to improve our techniques. Every day, some 267,000 followers learn from his tips and tricks.

The most “Frenchy”: Marion Graux

Marion Graux is a French ceramist specialised in dishware with irregular shapes and mineral colours. Her creations delight Michelin-star chefs, such as Cyril Lignac, Hélène Darroze and Guy Martin. She recently opened her boutique-workshop in a delicate pink cocoon in the Pigalle neighbourhood of Paris. She also launched her first semi-industrial collection in collaboration with the excellent Manufacture de Digoin to allow people with all budgets to enjoy her work.

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