Archie cider vinegar, a revolutionary ingredient

With its long list of benefits, French production, and packaging that recalls high-end liquor, Archie, the French cider vinegar brand, is the real deal. Co-founder Marina Lemaire shares some of its secrets with us.

Photos: Archie 


Cider vinegar: an obvious choice
“I started building the foundations of Archie over three years ago when I discovered the benefits of cider vinegar. I had planned to take a trip around the world, but instead, I decided to launch a project that meant a lot to me: Archie. That is the adventure I chose.”

Negative preconceptions
“There are a lot of preconceptions about cider vinegar, especially in terms of the taste and smell. We had to prove that this was a premium product, inject new value in its authenticity and take people back to basics, back to the essential. We had to make them adopt this new ritual, in a way.”

Several ways to enjoy it
“Our cider vinegar can be used in three ways. You can drink one tablespoon with a glass of water (in the morning on an empty stomach, before a meal or in the middle of the day to prevent hunger cravings). It can also be used in your recipes – we even supply the Élysée Palace. Finally, you can moisten a cotton pad with a few drops and apply it to the skin in case of an inflammation.

Multiple benefits
“High-quality cider vinegar is a holistic product with as many internal benefits as external ones. It has amazing effects on the skin, digestion, blood sugar levels, but also weight loss.”

Local production
“Archie cider vinegar is made in France. We are surrounded by producers from Normandy and we support their production methods. All our products are certified organic, of course.”

High ambitions 
“In the upcoming years, I’d like to take Archie even further by developing three focuses. First, the ease of use. Then, product discovery amongst people who normally wouldn’t search out this ingredient. To do so, we’re planning on making innovative, and notably ready-to-use, products. Finally, we will continue to encourage exports, to showcase the rich treasures that our land has to offer.” 

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