Breakfast of champions with skier Thibault Magnin


At age 20, this Swiss-Spanish skier is making a living from his passion. Like many top-level athletes, he pays very close attention to what he puts on his plate. Interview.


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Where does your passion for snow sports come from? 

I lived in both the mountains of Andorra and the tropics of the Dominican Republic. I learned to ski when I barely knew how to walk and I just got better over the years until reaching my current level. Today, I compete at pro events. 


Thibault is wearing the BUSBOROW jacket and BUSBOROW jeans in blue, and the FIZVALLEY T-shirt in white.

What is your daily diet like? 

A balanced diet is an integral part of my sports practice. I try to eat as little meat as possible and I get all the energy I need from plants and vegetarian dishes. Most of all, I eat local!


What is THE breakfast recipe that makes you want to get up in the morning? 

Avocado toast with two eggs, an enormous smoothie and a coffee. 


Your favourite snack between sessions? 

I generally don’t snack between meals when I ski. But, if I do, it’s usually a banana, a Red Bull or a protein bar. I drink a lot of water. It’s really important for me to stay hydrated all day long. 


What’s your next challenge? 

Participating in the Olympic Games in Beijing in February! Right now, I’m recovering from a knee injury. It’ll take time, but I should be able to practise this summer and be back on the slopes next winter. Apart from that, I want to continue travelling around the world, living my life to the fullest and growing up. 

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