City guide: Berlin through the eyes of Berliners


When you think of Berlin, you think of the remains of its wall, its selective clubs and its underground nightlife. What might not come to mind are the local hotspots that Berliners secretly keep for themselves… Mathilda, Kat and Lukas let loose and tell us about bars, cafés and markets that you won’t find in your average travel guide.

Cover photo: Alex (@takeashot_)


Kat’s café brunch spot: Roamers

“My friends and I live close to the Neukölln neighbourhood, which overflows with cafés! Our favourite for a weekend brunch is Roamers.”
— Kat, age 29, lawyer

At the corner of an alleyway, far from the hustle and bustle of the boulevards, Roamers offers a rustic setting that brings Californian coffee shops to mind. From the dishes to the decoration, everything is designed to please your eyes and taste buds. Seated at big wooden tables, with hanging plants overhead, you can enjoy fresh-squeezed juice, melt-in-your-mouth cheesecakes and avocado toast sprinkled with seeds.

Pannierstraße 64,
12043 Berlin


Mathilda’s unique vista point: Teufelsberg

“When I want to show French friends around Berlin, I always tell them to go to Teufelsberg. For me, it’s a spot that really represents the essence of the city.”
— Mathilda, age 27, music supervisor

Teufelsberg is an atypical open-sky cultural site. Perched on a rubble hill, it offers an unblocked view of the entire capital. But, before turning into a key spot for street art and bucolic strolls, Teufelsberg was an American listening station during the Cold War, making it a site steeped in history. You can learn more about its historic past by taking a guided tour.

Teufelsberg, Berlin


Lukas’s secret bar: Fahimi bar

“A friend of mine took me to this fairly well-hidden bar two years ago and it’s been my favourite place to spend an interesting evening ever since.”
— Lukas, age 32, event manager

Exit the Kottbusser Tor metro station and go up the stairs to the first floor. The surprise that awaits you is the Fahimi bar. Here you can enjoy sophisticated cocktails in an elegant atmosphere that contrasts with the look of the station seen through the large bay windows.

Fahimi bar
Skalitzer Str. 133
10999 Berlin


Mathilda’s flea market: NK Kranoldplatz Flohmarkt

“I love second-hand clothing, but the prices are getting out of hand! When I’m looking for inexpensive treasures, I’m never disappointed by the Kranoldplatz market.” Mathilda, age 27, music supervisor in Berlin.

The NK Kranoldplatz Flohmarkt flea market takes place every two weeks between May and October at the Kranoldplatz. In the mazes of stands, Berliners resell accessories, clothing and creations at unbeatable prices. In between these great deals, stop by one of the beer stands or food trucks on site.

12051 Berlin


Visit American Vintage in Berlin

“Berlin is a wonderful city that welcomes you with open arms, regardless of who you are. There are so many cultures, religions and different passions here. Our stores are based in Berlin Mitte. For me, it’s like the name ‘Mitte,’ in the middle of everything that Berlin represents. I love the charm, atmosphere, whimsical fashion and cafés around our store. Come visit us!”
— Mehmet Albayrak, store manager

American Vintage Berlin Mitte – women’s store
Alte Schönhauser Straße 34
10119 Berlin, Berlin
(+49) 030 84711080

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