Fast and furious with race car driver Hadrien David

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Today, we’d like you to meet Hadrien David. His youth, enthusiasm and determination are a winning combo. At just under 18, he’s the youngest Formula 4 champion in history. Interview with the rising star of car racing.


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On the cover photo, Hadrien is wearing the IBOWIE sweatshirt in ecru.


Hadrien David will turn 18 this year and his determination is nothing short of amazing. His love story with motors dates back to 2012, when his enthusiastic father encouraged him to do motocross. In 2019, he switched to four wheels after his grandfather took him to a kart racing track: “I had a revelation. I realized that this is what I wanted to do as a career. So, I signed up for racing school in Royan.” After being spotted at training sessions, he was selected to participate in races. Then, he made history at Formula 4.


Hadrien is wearing theTIDSBURG jumper in brown and the BIABAY trousers in khaki.


Now, his days are divided between competition periods and training periods, including time in a specialised centre. “I spend several months near Annecy at the 321 Perform centre. They help me to prepare both physically and mentally. People don’t realise it, but inside the car, the steering wheel has no assisted driving. You have to have very strong arms to be able to steer the car and race for 35 minutes. The same goes for the back of the neck. You’re strapped into the seat but the back of your neck isn’t, so you have to really develop your upper body muscles to stay stable during the race.”


Hadrien is wearing the OOKLAOMA coat in navy, the LUNIPARK joggers in verbena and the PYLOW shirt in navy.


For the moment, he can’t enjoy the carefree days of other teenagers his age: “My father always told me that pro sports require a very strict lifestyle.” Yet, between body-building sessions, remote schooling and racing simulation sessions, Hadrien enjoys life to the fullest: “I put all of my passion and perseverance into my work. I do something that I love. I want to really make the most of it and do the best that I possibly can.”  Named F4 champion in 2020, Hadrien David continues to rise through the ranks in racing competitions. Now an F3 driver, he is aiming higher and we hope that he reaches his goals at top speed.

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