Guillaume Lanier


We met Guillaume Lanier in Nice down at Coco Beach and high up on the hillside at Villa Arson, whose geometric curves delight him. This creative and sensitive florist practically grew up in a flowerbed, as his father was a florist as well.

“It’s a trade that constantly redefines itself, an eternal renewal. Every day, you create a different bouquet,” muses Lanier, who initially planned to become an interior designer. Balancing shapes, spaces, colors, details… In the end, the two activities share many points in common. When it comes to clothing, Guillaume Lanier opts for simplicity in order to give free rein to creativity in his floral compositions. The American Vintage philosophy strikes a chord with him: “With its basics, its neutral colors and its soft, comfortable materials, its DNA resonates deeply with me.” A fan of photography, cooking and art in general, he draws inspiration from the passionate people who cross his path. He is curious about everything that sparks emotion in him: “Above all, inventing a bouquet is about generosity, about listening and paying attention to others.”

This openness to all forms of expression is perfectly in line with American Vintage’s aim to steep itself in the world around it.