S/S 2019: eternal vacation


Wake up early, take our time, live in the moment.
Far from the city, the hours stretch out endlessly. We could laze around forever.

We had to drive a long time to get here.
Old hits by past glories crackle on the radio.
It hasn’t changed.
Its chipped shutters, its chilly bedrooms, its uneven and reassuring floor.

In the wardrobes, a tank top, a flannel dress, a hat.
The sleepy shirts and delicate antique linens wake up as soon as the sun touches them.
For the first time, this retro cotton cloth meets the denim pieces and sportswear influences that we packed in our suitcases.
All day long, we wear these comforting fabrics directly on our skin, this honeycomb cotton or this cocooning fleece that enwrap the silhouette in a familiar feel.
Instinctively. Like an intuition.

On the bed, the romance novel that we’ve read a hundred times.
And that we’ll read again.

It’s not a season. It’s a sensation.
It’s summer.

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Back to our roots

Color, timeless cuts and a meticulous choice of materials. In the spotlight, unisex pieces on all silhouettes, mixed and matched with standout models: an airy shirt-dress, washed linen or suit-style Bermuda shorts worn with casual charm.

In all, a medley of influences for pieces that represent a mix of styles, a carefree attitude and the road to vacation. Infused with a sportswear spirit, the creations stamped “AMV Camp” shake up simple shorts and T-shirts with an ultra-70s vibe of freedom. They boldly flirt with vintage prints that seem like thrift shop treasures. With its second-hand inspiration, the clothing makes a statement, telling its own story, in its own way. Picked on the path to the beach, a fresh bouquet of flowers gives form to blossoming prints. A daring touch paired with nude pieces for an airy effect. Like the sand, whose color it borrows, cotton becomes one with the material and the skin: natural and lightweight.

For a look that speaks for itself.

The sky, the sun, Marseille

Captured by photographer Julia Champeau’s camera, Marseille becomes the playing field of the new American Vintage campaign. Following three friends in the streets of Marseille, she tells an intimate story.

Because fashions change but style remains, her photos are intended to be moments suspended in time. Days at the beach. When you don’t do anything, but you feel everything. Silence. Laughter. The wind. The rocky creeks known as calanques. The faces of this summer day, Adèle Farine, Angèle Metzger and Lemmie van den Berg embody this free spirit, always living in the moment. Dressed only in “Maison AMV” pieces, for the first time, the new concept that unites all the essential American Vintage basics under an expressive name, their silhouettes become timeless. Embracing a real strategic change with hints of slow fashion, the brand highlights its must-haves. The legendary white T-shirt is paired with raw denim, worn barefoot in the sand. The girls borrow the boy’s jean jacket whose coarse-grain cotton contrasts with their delicate uncovered legs. The boy steals their vibrant summer colors for his shirts and corduroy shorts: cherry pink, carmine red. Far from trends, and firmly entrenched in the present moment, the trio celebrates the heritage of a brand designed to last: this summer, six months from now and for the next decade to come.

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