Crush: 4 diehard foodies who are reinventing cuisine


Today, cooking is about much more than just following a recipe. Case in point: here are 4 passionate chefs who focus on sensitive cuisine and real-life food from all over the world.

Cover photo: Home Movies – “The Best Meatball Recipe” video by Alison Roman


Samin Nosrat and her 4 magic ingredients

With her bestselling book Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, (published by Chêne in France), Samin Nosrat rethinks a more instinctive relationship to food so that you can learn how to cook in all situations and with any ingredients. A must-have also available as a 4-episode mini-series of the same name on Netflix.


Instagram stories by The Social Food


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With their The Social Food Instagram account, Shirley Garrier and Matthieu Zouhairi have been offering step-by-step recipes in stories since the first lockdown in March 2020. Homemade ramen or mushroom risotto with beurre noisette – there’s something for everyone. And for those who prefer books, check out their Carnet de recettes à la maison (published by First).

Alison Roman’s newsletter

Last summer, Alison Roman launched A Newsletter, a weekly newsletter in which she talks about the moments of life that inspired her recipes. Dishes that you can now find on video every Tuesday on her YouTube channel Home Movies.


Counter Space by Sophia Roe

For Vice TV, New Yorker Sophia Roe uses food as a lens to explore a world that is changing before our very eyes. Militant, gourmet, geopolitical – this show is all this and more.

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